Crypto Investment Platform
for Wealth Managers

Providing investors with tax-optimized Bitcoin and Ethereum SMAs, Custom SMAs,
and strategies managed by third-party investment managers.

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What are the benefits
of Crypto SMAs?


Direct Ownership

Bitcoin and other digital assets are held in the client’s name at a qualified custodian with institutional-grade security. The accounts are segregated in the client’s name with daily liquidity.


Automated Tax Optimization

The crypto market is volatile relative to other asset classes. Eaglebrook implements automated tax optimization strategies to the client’s Crypto SMA. The SMA structure enables tax optimization in these accounts unavailable in the Bitcoin ETF structure.


Access to Ethereum and Altcoins

Investors can allocate to multi-asset portfolios and SMAs. Clients can invest in baskets that include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana, Polygon, Chainlink, and Polkadot, among others, providing diversified exposure to the most compelling digital assets in L1s, L2s, defi, gaming, and tokenization.

Direct Ownership

Invest client assets into Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Altcoins in segregated accounts

Minimal tracking error
Digital assets are owned and held directly in the client’s name, minimizing tracking error present when comparing to other investment vehicles.
Daily liquidity and control
By owning these assets directly, the advisor and client can invest, trade and withdraw through the investment platform.
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tax optimization

Tax Optimization

Tax optimization strategies to reduce capital gains liability

Automated tax optimization
Eaglebrook allows clients to choose tax optimization parameters to optimize their digital asset portfolio from a tax perspective.
Significant differentiation
Unlike a Bitcoin ETF or private fund, Eaglebrook’s tax optimization strategies find opportunities to reduce or defer capital gains tax liability.


Institutional Qualified Custody and Security

Qualified Custody
Eaglebrook is an SEC registered investment advisor and only works with qualified custodians for digital asset custody and security.
Institutional Security
Gemini and Anchorage both have the highest standards for digital asset security, which includes usage of multisignature technology, role-based governance protocols, physical security, and multiple layers of biometric access controls.

Gemini Custody® uses multisignature technology, role-based governance protocols, physical security, and multiple layers of biometric access controls to safeguard customer assets.

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Anchorage Digital Bank is the only crypto-native bank to hold a charter from the U.S. Office of the Comptroller of the Currency.

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Portfolio Management Integrations

Reporting System Partners

Seamless System Integration
Fully integrated with the RIA’s portfolio management software system.
Advanced Connectivity
Portfolio management system integration capabilities utilizing Single Sign-On (SSO), APIs, and SFTPs to full integrate with the advisor’s workflow.
Streamlined Billing
Advisors are able to report and bill on their client’s digital asset investments.

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